About Us


Amphitrite Subsea, established in the year 2020, is a new-age Diving Services, Water/Aero Sports & Adventure Sports – Activities Company with a cumulative experience spanning decades in the respective area of specialization.

Inspired By The Sacred

Amphitrite Subsea takes its name from Greek mythology. Amphitrite is the sea goddess and wife of Poseidon and the queen of the seas. It is a testament to the brilliance of the seas coming together with services and expertise that are in sync with the challenges and opportunities of where we operate. We are always more than ready to maximize operational efficiency, focusing on safety.

Equipped with the right resource of experience and established pedigree, Amphitrite Subsea has been delivering and surpassing expectations in the specialized domain of Diving, ROV, Manpower Support, Adventure, Water Sports Activities, etc. We pride ourselves on overcoming obstacles with proper vision, planning, and the right equipment. Every task at hand is executed with the right expertise that combines technical know-how and on-ground understanding, guaranteeing the best of safety and results.

Competent And Prepared For The New World

Amphitrite Subsea is not only primed to cater to the needs as per the requirements as exists but is also spearheading processes and proficiencies that are ready for the future.  Having already transitioned for what’s in-store, we are at a vantage point when it comes to maximizing opportunities, driving apex value with minimum hassles.

Why We Are Different?

Our Values

No matter the work that we are blessed with, the entire team works as one to ensure we do complete justice to it and only emerge prouder of the outcome.
When we embark on any mission, we care for the people and the task as though it is the most important responsibility bestowed upon us.
Whenever we are endowed with a project, we are committed to the endeavor and until we drive it towards resounding fruition, we never stop giving it our all.

To continue to provide leading services in the specialized fields of Diving Services & Water/Aero/Adventure -Activities in India and the Middle East by leveraging our technical and managerial prowess. We will continue to improve and strengthen our range of services and activities by maximizing our current capabilities, consolidating our core area of expertise, and inculcating the best and the most modern in our processes and functioning.

To be the leader in world-class Diving Activities, Water/Aero/Adventure Sports-Activities. To reach and retain the pinnacle in our area of expertise, led by our rich legacy of safely completed projects, executed with supreme efficiency, value addition, capability, and seamless fulfillment. All the while we will be attuned to customer focus and satisfaction, always keeping in mind the best returns for our stakeholders and partners.

At Amphitrite Subsea, we are always looking for candidates with the right zeal, motivation, and adeptness in challenging & enthralling roles. With the right leadership and systems in place, driving potential towards excellence, we are sure to hone team members towards a prospering career that is fulfilling and complete with great moments to cherish. All our achievements and performance are scripted by the expertise, dedication, and passion of our team of superheroes. We are looking to add to our dream team with individuals who are eager to awe us with their talent. At Amphitrite Subsea – the magic of skill and talent is real.

Our Highlights


Mixture Of Performance And Expertise

The Amphitrite Subsea team is a melting pot of proven expertise with the right mix of skill, efficiency, and smart decision-making. Harishankar Nair, Director, and A.S. Solanki, President – Operations, form the basis of a thriving environment that translates into quality and sprawling recognition for getting the job done, all executed with knowledge, innovation, and technology.

The teamwork and mutual coordination led by the management team have shaped an environment of outperformance, drive for self-improvement, and surpassing the peaks already conquered. This ensures quality completion of any work we are given the responsibility for. We take great pride in fulfilling our commitment and surpassing expectations